Grey's Anatomy Mid-Season Finale. Underwhelming.

I had read last week that the mid-season finale of Grey's Anatomy was going to make me bawl my eyes out....



Is the Zola stuff really all over? What was the point? I felt like Meredith fell into the mommy role way too quickly... She had the baby like one day and was obsessed? And heartbroken over her being taken away? I don't know... it was weird. Was Zola just a vehicle for them to say, 'Hey, look. Meredith grew up.'?

Do you care about Scott Foley? I really, really liked him on the show and am sad to see him go.... but I don't think it is that sad. I don't think it warranted the response the other docs were giving it - especially usually cold-hearted, level-headed Christina. Why was she crying like that? That was like how she cried when she broke down on the fishing trip with Derrick. That was serious stuff. She barely even knows this guy.

And now what's the point for Teddy? They are just manufacturing plots for her. She was brought on to cause problems for Owen and Christina.... and then she was useless.... and now she is useless again. Sigh.

You tricked me ABC! I know (from LOST) that the networks are the ones that control the previews, but come on. You really made it look like something happened to Meredith. And yet, nothing happened to Meredith.

... Speaking of. A bunch of bodies on the road? That was kind of weird/creepy/alien invasion looking. And is it really a big deal? Another ambulance was on the way, according to Avery. Those people will be saved if they aren't already dead. If anything, they are MORE lucky than if they had just been in an accident. The ambulance was already on the way there before anything even happened!

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