Carrie Underwood is not Maria Von Trapp

Let me start by saying I have nothing against Carrie Underwood. Even though I'm not a country fan, I think she's an excellent singer.

But she is no Maria Von Trapp.

For one, she's too pretty. Julie Andrews is pretty, yes. But she had this plain jane, girl next door quality that Carrie just doesn't have (anymore. Maybe when she started on Idol she had it... but now she's gone glam). I know Hollywood have really ugged up some pretty people - Charlize Theron in Monster, Mariah in Precious - but I just don't know if you can make Carrie look... simple.

And she can't act. People have a big problem with the fact that she is not in range as the original Maria, but I don't know anything about that kind of stuff. My problem is her (lack of) acting skills. Take this performance of 'The Hills Are Alive' for example,
Stunning, sure. But lifeless. She is just belting out the lyrics. She does not look like she is on a Broadway stage. She does not look like she understands the meaning behind her words. She's just saying singing them.

To play the part of Maria, you have to actually be able to play a part... not just sing the songs.

Who would be better?
For Maria, you need someone simple, with a bit of innocence. This is a women who, remember, joined a convent at a young age. Sure, she's a free spirit... but you're comparing her to a bunch of nuns!

My vote would be for Anne Hathaway or Amanda Seyfried or even a Broadway up-an-comer. (And Hugh Jackman for Georg, obviously. Yes, I realizing I'm just recasting Les Mis. Whatever). Carrie can play the baroness or something.

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