'Elementary' after the Super Bowl. Why I'm surprised and what I would have picked.

It was just announced that Elementary would air immediately following the Super Bowl on CBS. (See TV Guide breaking news)

While I really like Elementary, I'm surprised by this choice.

First of all, the show is kind of.... involved.... for the prized time slot. In recent years, it's been Glee, The Voice, The Office. All had punchy openings that got people's attentions right after the game. All are the type of show you can catch a scene, grab a beer, argue about the game, catch another scene, have a laugh, grab another beer, and so on.

The opening sequence of Elementary will be Holmes doing something weird, Lucy Liu asking him what he's doing and him getting a call from the NYPD to come check out a case. Riveting, huh? And you better not leave your TV because if you miss a scene, you're going to be confused.

Beyond that, the show is smart and has been a pretty big hit for CBS but it's the #2 new show on TV.... behind another CBS hit, Vegas.  

Why not air your #1 new show? You know, the one with freakin' Dennis Quaid? The one that has that fantastic 1960s Las Vegas scenery? An opening scene in a casino, with a mob shooting or explosion or something is sure to make more of an impact than Holmes and Watson in their dingy old house.

Better choices would have been....
Comedy - 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory
Reality - Amazing Race, Undercover Boss or Survivor
Or a procedural with a little more punch - NCIS, Hawaii Five-O

Also - Do the networks like take turns every year or something? NBC, Fox, now CBS? I don't follow sports much, so does the contract for who gets to air these events go up for renewal every year?

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