Casting Changes Coming to The Mindy Project

"Amanda Setton, who portrays Shauna, the sexy receptionist, will be written out of the show entirely mid-season, and Anna Camp (Gwen), who recently starred in Pitch Perfect, is being bumped from series regular to recurring, a rep for Fox confirmed to EW in news first reported by TVLine."
via EW.com

I can do without Shauna (except wait - what about her crush on Danny? I was really looking forward to exploring that more!), but I really really like Gwen.

First of all - she was on True Blood. And that's awesome. But more so, she might possibly the voice of reason, the most realistic character on The Mindy Project.

Mindy is a great twentysomething character. I see so much of myself and my friends in her. She's crazy, single, boy-obsessed, career-obsessed. We've all got a little of that in us.

But we've also all got a Gwen. 

A best friend that (seemingly) has got it all together. She's the married one. The one with kids. And a nice house straight out of West Elm or C&B. And she's got great hair. And great clothes. She probably does paleo or crossfit or something. She's the anti-'Mindy'... without being the opposition, like Danny.

I know Gwen isn't completely off the show - just moving from regular to recurring - but I'm hoping that's as far as it goes. We don't need another Up All Night situation.

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