Emmy for Richard Harrow?

Question: Any Emmy buzz for Jack Huston as Richard Harrow on Boardwalk Empire? I know you weren't the biggest fan of the show this season, but I find Huston's performance stunning. Every time he takes the screen — whether it's romancing under the boardwalk or ruthlessly shooting up gangsters at Gillian's — I can't help but watch and cheer for him. He's come so far along from the guy ready to kill himself in the woods. If not an Emmy for him, would any of the other Boardwalk cast be contenders this year? — Danielle 
 Matt Roush: I'm sure there will be buzz, and deservedly so. He is one of the few engaging characters left on the series, and this season gave Huston a chance to shine in both of Richard's guises: as a tragic/romantic figure and as a stone-cold killer (the massacre at Gillian's was a remarkable set piece). But the competition in the ranks of supporting drama actors is always fierce, and his performance, while haunting, is also so quiet and contained (even when he's being a one-man army) that it may be overlooked. In terms of likely nominees, while I'm over Nucky and find him a less compelling figure by the season, Steve Buscemi being the high-profile star of an HBO series always makes him a contender. And while I mostly found this season's villain Gyp Rosetti to be laughably cartoonish, there's no doubt that Bobby Cannavale fully committed to playing this psycho fearlessly in a huge (possibly too huge) performance, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's singled out this year.
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