Once Upon a Time's Mid-Season Finale

A couple of thoughts on Once Upon a Time's mid-season finale from last night....

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't watched it yet....

#1 I thought we could stop following Aurora and Mulan now? I mean... they have NOTHING to do with the main plot or anyone in Storybrooke. What do we care if they can save Phillip?

#2 and speaking of Phillip.... what's the plan here? Both ladies are in love with him (although, I'm questioning their love for each other. It's weird.), so what will they do when he wakes up? Will they be sister wives?

#3 Why did Hook fight so hard for the compass if he knew he had that bean and that Cora had the rejuvenating water? I wish it had taken them more than 3 seconds to put two-and-two together. 

#4 I was getting the impression that Regina failed to stop the whole killing storm thing? She seemed shocked when they made it through. I'm confused. 

#5 So Gold had the ink all along and could have escaped his cell? And he pretty much orchestrated this whole curse nonsense? Why? I don't get it. It makes sense now, looking back, but at the time of his imprisonment, wouldn't he have wanted to resurrect Belle (did he not assist Regina in trying to revive her love? Why wouldn't he do the same for his? Even though unbeknownst to him she wasn't really dead... Why wouldn't he go after Hook? I'm just saying, ole Rumps had a lot of enemies and vengeance to be sought. Why sit around in a cell? Continuity....

#6 On the other hand, I guess that explains why he and Regina seemed to be the only ones not impacted by the 'forgetting' part of the curse. Maybe you had to know it was coming to overcome it?

#7 Anyone else feel bad for Regina at the end? I kind of liked her and Henry's relationship that was developing. 

#8 Looks like Emma is getting a new jacket when the show comes back! RIP Ugly red leather!

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