For those still doubting NeNe Leakes’ acting chops...

For those still doubting NeNe Leakes’ acting chops, did The New Normal this week officially put your skepticism to rest?
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Yes, yes, 100% yes. I thought the exact same thing watching last week's episode!

For those of you keeping up - Bryan and David are trying to hire a nanny and contemplating whether or not they can handle being stay-at-home dads. Rocky (NeNe) confides in Bryan that she has always wanted to be a producer and convinces him to let her produce an episode 'Sing' as a tryout for his paternity leave.

She is brilliant.

I hate to draw a parallel to Sue Sylvester - especially since Ms. Leakes often graces the Glee set as well - but Rocky is the new Sue.

But less mean. Sure, she's bitchy. But she isn't mean like Sue. She's got good intentions. Bryan is her family. And her 'friendship' with Nana is awesome.

Can't wait to see more Rocky. She steals the show.

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