GIRLS is 'outlandishly horrifying'

Read more about the review of Girls Season 2 premiere here. 

I understand that when the reviewer said Girls was 'outlandishly horrifying' she meant it as a bad thing.

But it's not.

Girls IS outlandishly horrifying. In fact, outlandishly horrifying is probably the best description there ever was for this show. It is awkward and uncomfortable and shocking. It makes me feel squeamish. It makes me feel embarrassed. And disgusted. And confused. And sometimes the normal happy and sad.

I love what Lena and the girls said on the Today Show.

They're holding a mirror up to the world. And no, sometimes we don't like what we see. Sure... sometimes it is exaggerated. But really? Most of it feels raw and honest to me.

As outlandishly horrifying as that is.
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Evi @ sexta-feira said...

I couldn't agree more!


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