Golden Globes, SAG Awards Ratings Rise

After the Golden Globes, everyone was praising Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for a stellar hosting job (and rightly so) and giving them credit for pulling up the ratings.

I get it, awards shows have been notoriously low in the past (although, I thought in recent years, they've been going up with the rise of Twitter and 'social viewing'), but I don't think it is fair to give (all) credit to the host(s)/

The SAG Awards have no host, and yet, Monday morning rolled around and again, we were hearing that the ratings were up.

People, people. This has very little to do with who is hosting the show or even which stars are going to be there. I'll give you seven reasons why awards shows are seeing higher ratings this year.

Les Mis. Argo. Silver Linings Playbook. Lincoln. Django. Life of Pi. Zero Dark Thirty. 

The movies this year are ones that people actually heard of. That big stars actually played in. That people actually when to Ronnies 20 Cine to see (and not some small, indie theater).

People actually care who wins. That makes a HUGE difference.

I'm curious to see what the ratings are like for non-film award shows like the Grammys and the Emmys (especially the Emmys since network TV barely gets any nods at that show anymore).

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