Is it really plausible...

Is it really plausible that The Mindy Project‘s very private Danny would keep a spill-his-guts letter to his ex-wife in his desk drawer?
Firstly -
The whole time that was happening, I thought it was some trick way of Danny finding out the staff wasn't working (But Dr. C, on a Saturday?!). They'd find the letter, let it slip, and he yells at them for going through his desk. Done.

Secondly -
Totally plausible! This guy's got a heart of gold! Remember Thanksgiving when he was all alone? Sadface! He's keeping the note around because he (a) still harbors feelings for the girl or more likely, (b) to remind himself of how terrible love is and how it can make you in to a pathetic, weak little man. Mindy will obviously prove him wrong.

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