"Lucky 7" first to get axed

Welp, it has happened. Lucky 7 is the first fall show to get cancelled, and just after two episodes.

I've got to say, I'm surprised. For starters, I thought it would be Super Fun Night. I just didn't think it would be a drama, especially one with this kind of limited, resolvable storyline. Heck, even 666 Park Avenue and Zero Hour got additional episodes and those shows were bad. I thought they'd get six or so episodes, to finish out this story.

Regardless - I thought the show was okay. I went back and forth on cancelling my series recording or not, and ultimately had decided I wanted to know more about these people (particularly the younger girl who seemed nervous about proving her identity...). Alas, I think I'll just delete the remaining episode.

Can we just give a moment of silence for poor Matt Long, though? Guy can't catch a break on TV.

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