"Mindy Project" BFFs were set to star on "Super Fun Night"

In writing my review for the first episode of Super Fun Night, I saw a promo picture featuring Kelen Coleman (Newsroom). I thought at first maybe she was the original role of villain Kendall - but not so.

Apparently she was set to play a coworker of Kimmie's, but more of a role model and mentor for the character. Not a villain like the 'new' Kendall does.

What's really weird is that Super Fun Night, which was originally being developed for CBS, had cast Anna Camp in the role.

Everyone's probably like "Anna Camp! Her and Rebel Wilson are probably like BFFs from Pitch Perfect!" And all I can think is that Anna and Kelen both played friends of Mindy on The Mindy Project last season.

Ah, casting.

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