Super Fun Night gets a spot on my DVR

Of course I was excited about Super Fun Night (Rebel Wilson, hello!) but I was also worried.... The title itself implies one night only, how can they keep that going? What's with the terrible fake American accent? And, most of all, isn't the majority of Wilson's fanbase (teens, twentysomethings) the exact age group not watching primetime network TV?

In fact, I voted Super Fun Night as most likely to get cancelled first (UPDATE: That title goes to Lucky 7).

But I watched the first episode this week - er, technically the second episode. ABC aired the second episode instead of the pilot, which I don't really mind because it looks to me that we already saw all the funny first ep moments in the trailer. Anyway, second first episode was actually pretty funny, in my opinion.

I like Kimmie and her friends. Though one-dimensional right now, I think they'll really expand and get more personality in later episodes - think Schmidt and Winston in New Girl.

I like Kimmie's male cowowrker/crush. I like that he's a nice, cute guy that seems to genuinely like Kimmie. He doesn't write her off because of her weight or awkwardness... in fact, the argument could be made that he doesn't see a romantic connection because they are such good friends. I like that. They could so easily have gone the other way.

And I like the villain, Kendall. She is so desperate for the attention, for the spotlight. And I loved watching her try to steal it from Kimmie. If anything, Kendall ends up being more of the awkward ham than Kimmie does.

I think it's got legs. I think it's got a good, unknown cast to work with. Despite the title, it proves it is about / can be about more than one super fun night. That doesn't change the fact that people my age aren't watching live TV... I'm not sure who else would like this show.

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