Why I didn't like 'Under the Dome'

Everyone is calling Under the Dome one of the TV 'winners' of the summer, but I disagree. I watched it sure, no denying it probably got great ratings because nothing else new was on.... but it was bad.

And just to get it out of the way – me not liking it has nothing to do with the book. I have never read the book, I don't know what happens, nor do I care. In fact, I read a great article in EW before the show started about King's relationship and thoughts on the show. He acknowledged that there were some changes made – characters who lived who were supposed to, new characters, mising characters, changed subplots. He sees TV as a diiferent animal than the book, and rightly so. I admired that outlook.

My problem with Under the Dome is:

  • Escalated too quickly. Big Jim for example, I get now his obsession on keeping the done up, but it same out of left field. Te kids being convinced about the mini dome so quickly especially Angie and junior . The Maxine story line was gone as quick as it came. And what about all that gas? Oh, barely matters. 
  • It turned into a kids adventure story. There's all this mature content around drugs and death and relationships... and then there are these kids who find a mini dome in the woods and think they are some sort of chosen vessels to communicate with the dome. What? I feel like they threw Julia into the mix just to have adult supervision. These are teenagers. And to be honest, I was much more interested in the 'real' implications of the dome coming down, how the community dealt with it, and less woried about they 'why'.
  • I wanted more of that, more of Maxine's underground fight ring, more of the food and water shortage, more looting, more power struggle. All that can't be resolved singularly in 42 minutes. I don't need the supernatural to be intrigued, in fact, it reminded me of Terra Nova and the fact that I was more interested in their story of survival/community than I was with bad dinosaur special effects. 
Will I watch again next summer? I don't know. Probably. Because I can't help myself and am a TV whore. But I can't help but think my time would be better spent binge watching something on Hulu or Netflix... and that's sad for network TV. 

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