Dear Terra Nova,

You don't need the dinosaurs.

Before watching, I heard a lot of bad things about you. The acting was bad. The special effects were worse. You were just a Land of the Lost remake.

Terra Nova, you aren' that bad. You are actually kind of.... good. The mystery behind the 'sixers' has me intrigued- what do they want? who sent them? can I call them 'The Others' instead? And then you throw in a family struggling to keep it together... A leader who I'm not sure if I should love or hate or wonder what happens if I melt his wax face (seriously, that guy is weird looking)..... weird writing on the rocks from the leaders son (I guess?) regarding controlling the future (I guess?)... To be honest, I don't even care about the dinosaurs. I don't care about how 'cool' and modern the future looked. I care way more about these mysterious characters!

Word to the wise.... dont' give it all away in the first episode. In the first two hours, we learned the future sucks, you can't have more than 2 kids, you get recruited or win a lottery to go back in time to some parallel universe, there's this leader who makes this place to be all sunshine and rainbows but it is so not, there is a group that separated from the original settlement, the leader's son went missing, there are mysterious writings on rocks in an area that is off limits, and that the writing is done by the leaders 'crazy' son..... That's a lot.

Also, Dear Jason O' Mara,
Why do you always play a cop who travels back in time?

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Kristin said...

We wondered the same thing about them giving a lot away in the first episode. Didn't anyone learn anything from LOST? It took us the whole first season just to find out about the Others, much less DI, and who knows what else!


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