The Ringer

I was a few days late, but yes, I watched The Ringer pilot. And it was intriguing. And earned a spot on my DVR. (Can't guarantee it'll stay there, what with Glee/New Girl and Biggest Loser/Parenthood on Tuesday nights already....).

I thought the premise was simple enough - twin pretends to be other twin.

But not quite.

Turns out it is way more complicated than that. The twin with the 'perfect' life isn't so perfect. The 'bad' twin is actually a way nicer person. One (or both?) of them apparently have people out to kill them. Plus, Nestor Campbell is in it. Yeah LOST!

Here's the thing. Sarah Michelle Gellar is tough to watch. She's weird looking (sorry, it's true). She's a terrible actress. I loved Buffy as much as the next gal.... but now it just seems awkward. Maybe because I'm not also watching sub-par acting on 7th Heaven and OTH and Felicity and Popular, so she seems worse.

At some point they have to decide - is The Ringer a serious cat-and-mouse thriller (a la Fringe, Lost, the promising Person of Interest or Alcatraz)? Or is it a campy prime time soap with one cliff hanger after another (a la OTH or Pretty Little Liars)?

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