Down on the Boardwalk

Let's all rejoice that Boardwalk Empire is back!

Ever since Lost ended, I keep looking for shows that keep me so involved... I've found it on cable with Game of Thrones, Boardwalk, Dexter, Mad Men and Justified. Unfortunately, this means shorter seasons once a year. And it sucks.

But we're back to the Boardwalk with Nucky and the gang and I'm so psyched. How bout that season opener?

(And, fellow Wire fans - Can we just talk for a minute about the opening gunfight? How insane was it to see Omar on the other side of the battle? And when he picked up the rifle and went for the shot? Sigh. Who wouldathunk I could love a drug-dealing gangsta so much?)

Did you think Nucky would get into trouble so quickly? Did you think Jimmy, the Commodore and Eli would have such an easy time taking down their leader? Did your heart just break in half when the Harrow was gluing those pictures of the perfect family? Who thinks Chalkie is their new favorite character?

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