Omar Comin'... to Community

I was going to write about Omar Chalky Michael K Williams on Community's premiere, but TV Guide said it for me....
The charismatically menacing character actor, who blew viewers away as gay thug Omar Little on The Wire, slyly spoofed his badass image as an ex-con biology professor on the Season 3 premiere of Community (and he'll be back for another episode next month). Meanwhile, he's returning to HBO's Emmy-winning Boardwalk Empire as bootlegger Chalky White. Season 2 introduces us to Chalky's family, and Williams has a jailhouse scene in next week's episode that rivals Omar's most electrifying moments.
Williams wasn't the only David Simon HBO drama alum to turn up on Community's opener: Treme casualty John Goodman also guested as the intimidating vice dean of Greendale's Air Conditioning Repair Annex. Hey, Dan Harmon, how about writing a part for The Wire's Isiah Whitlock, Jr., who showed off his comedic flair in Cedar Rapids. To use State Sen. Clay Davis' favorite word, that could be some funny "sheeee-it."
What do you think of Michael K. Williams — and Community?
I love and agree with every word of this. Can't wait for more Williams. More Goodman. And more Community.

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