I listened to an ESPN podcast so you don't have to.

But really, you should listen to it. Because it is awesome. Who knew ESPN was so interesting? Hat's off to you, Bill Simmons.

Gossip from Johnny Bananas:

  • On the Twitter feud between Wes and Derek: Wes was 'juiced out of his head' on The Duel when he beat Derek in the pole wrestling. And 'since he hasn't accomplished anything in the last five years',  combined with Derek's competitive nature, it just erupted online. PS: Bill and the other host compared Wes' steroid scandal to Mark McGwire! haha. 
  • Johnny seems to be more proud of this win than the past ones (The Island and The Ruins) because those were all team competitions. This one was closer to an individual competition and was the toughest he's ever done. 
  • The host referred to Johnny in his Cutthroat elimination round with CT as 'Johnny Backpacks'. I LOLed.
  • On a rematch with CT: Johnny calls it the 'vindication he needed.' In sports, you almost always get a chance for redemption- you play the team again - but it isn't like that in the Challenges. You might never see that person in an elimination again. This one couldn't have been scripted better. 
  • On the final challenge with the helicopters: Conspiracy! The helicopter ride for CT and Johnny was considerably worse than it was for Leroy. According to Johnny, the producers had an agenda. They have an idea of who they want in the elimination round. 
  • On Adam throwing the final challenge: Johnny doesn't believe it. 'The mob' did try convincing him early on to throw challenges to send CT home, but once they started winning (and he started hooking up with Jenn) it was over. 'That guy did not want to leave', Johnny says of Adam. They tried getting in his head and failed. And Johnny respects him for it. 
  • According to Johnny, there's a reason why people keep getting asked back (for the record, he's done seven shows). 'You are there to film a TV show.' Is it real? 'As real as it can get in the environment you're placed in.' Three things drive these shows - drama, sex and alcohol (more on that later). They need people to drive the plot and narrate the story. They never tell you what to do or say, but once you've done it enough you can figure it out. 
  • On the sex: There's more going on than they show. They are only allowed to film what happens under covers... The more public you are, the less likely it will ever air. 
  • On alcohol: On The Island, they were starving (Johnny lost 28 lbs, they were fined for stealing food from production, didn't get more than fish and rice each day). They weren't able to get proper medical attention for hornet stings, but somehow, magically, there was a new keg of beer and case of wine there everyday. 
  • On communication with the outside world: New executive producer Justin Booth runs the show like boot camp - no cell phones, no books, no magazines, no computers, now no calls at all (but how did Cara Maria call Abram this season?). They live and breathe the show 24/7, which is what drives people a little nuts. Does it make for good TV? Johnny's not sure. Seems to him that there needs to be a balance. They used to get days off and he thinks that provided more fun drama than crazy drama. 
  • On Tonya: Says she is singlehandedly responsible for the limits on alcohol on the show now. Her (and Katie Doyle) would be drinking at 8am and drunk by 11am, would show up to challenges and eliminations wasted. 
  • On the other girls: Paula is pretty much a guy, Jenn and Coral are 'fiesty'. Robin and Katie Doyle are nuts, too. 
  • Robin was hooking up with an MLB player when he was starting out with the Yankees.... I heard rumors it was Derek Jeter? Confirm or deny?!
  • On the HBO drama: Unintentional or not, this is his brand. You look up 'johnny bananas' on YouTube, and you find him. Don't steal his thunder. Bill (or the other host) likened it to The Wire  - 'He's on your corner... You got to get him off your corner.'). And the plot thickens... Mark Wahlberg, who produces Entourage, was on Diem's show and said he was a big fan of the Challenges. Soooo he obviously knew Johnny Bananas was taken, right?

Click here to listen to the whole podcast, which has a lot more reality TV goodness including Bachelor Pad, Basketball Wives, etc.

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