Some Thoughts.

The Sing Off: Did you see the guys from Branson! Woop Woop. They were lame, but who cares. Loved the shots of them singing at the Titanic museum. ha. But note to the judges: Have you really never heard of Branson? It isn't some small town these guys are putting on the map. It's a musical mecca.

Modern Family: Finally watched it! And yes, I giggled more than once. I understand why the whole cast gets nominated... every single character is hilarious. (But still think off beat comedies like Community and Bored to Death deserve more accolades!)

And speaking of Community: How brilliant was the addition of John Goodman? That voice!

Did the beginning of Grey's Anatomy always have 'Created by Shonda Rhimes' in the opening credits?

Is Project Runway one and a half hours long so we can have Garnier hair commercials worked into the episode? Because that is uncool.

I assume I should tweet out questions like this, but that would have required me getting my lazy bum off the couch and finding my phone.

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