Bloody Good. True Blood Finale.

Let's be honest: I was confused going into this final ep of True Blood. Last week felt like the season's conclusion, no?  Marnie was dead, Jesus/Lafayette harnessed their witch powers, Jason and Jessica had a nice little heart-to-heart.... It even had some weird fairy stuff to set us up for next season. I thought we were done. 

Not so fast. We got one more ep. 

It was off the a slow start. I've noticed that a lot of HBO shows use their season finale more for resolution of conflict or next season's set up than crazy, action-packed cliff hangers (Dexter does this a lot), but the first 20 minutes or so just seemed slow for True Blood. Was I the only one who thought that? 

Anywho. Kudos to Pam, Lafayette and Arlene this season (and this episode). They had bigger story lines that usual this year and I really started to like their characters. Pam showed weakness over losing Eric to that fairy vagina Sookie (best insult ever). Lafayette played three characters this season. And Arlene, she's my homegirl. Love her. And she provided the best LOL moment of the ep when her daughter dressed up like Janelle from Teen Mom. Ha. 

The finale did set up some stuff for next season rather nicely: We've got the return of Reverend Steve  and Russell. The promise of a vampire vs vampire war now that Eric and Bill are on the outs with the Authority. Another Arlene/Terry storyline, this time involving Scott Foley and Terry's military past. Lafayette will probably be talking to a lot more ghosts. I guess the fairies will come back, and force Andy to help them. Oh yeah, and Sookie will have to tell Alcide she just blew Debbie's head off. I know he broke up with her and all, but I can't imagine that conversation is going to go well. 

And finally, a True Blood recap (of mine) wouldn't be complete without a couple of gripes...  

First of all, was the only purpose of the creepy baby plot to show us the Lafayette was a medium and could be possessed by ghosts? Really? 

Did zombies really just save the day? It was that easy all along? 

And (if you ask me) Jesus' power doesn't seem all that powerful. So it makes your face into a scary mask. It didn't keep Marnie from being stopped (by Gran, no less). 

Did they really introduce the fairy/Andy storyline last episode and then not even hint at it in this one? 

And what the H-E-double hockey sticks ever happened to the werepanthers?! 


Kristin said...

I completely agree about the creepy baby plot and the werepanther plot - what were those about!? But, seriously, I cannot wait for next season - is Tara, dead?!?

Megan said...

oh man. i have some theories and questions of my own:

*maybe tara's not dead. maybe she'll come back as a vampire (eric or bill could make her to save her?) or maybe she'll drink blood from one of them and heal and lust after them (that would be interesting, since she's made it clear she hates the vamps) or maybe she'll even be a zombie? (zombies are the new vampires, right arleen?)

*i'm so sad for lafayette. however, it was nice to see jesus come back and resolve everything. i think jesus' power was pretty potent, marnie just gave up. (thank goodness, i was starting to get sick of her)

*i wonder who made rev. newlin a vampire? should be interesting to see...

*who would have the motivation to raise russell edgington? the AVL? they're my only guess... because i don't think pam is that pissed. if she raised him, he'd immediately kill eric.

*i agree with you on the creepy baby plot - but if we had to suffer through it to see lafayette act as a medium (amazing) then i'm cool with it.

*i think that terry's storyline is about to get interesting... i wonder if he double crossed his war buddy somehow or if his war buddy is a bad guy. either way, stoked to have scott foley - LOVE HIM

hmm i think that's all i got. :)

Megan said...

i just remembered that i meant to say maybe marnie didn't know how to use jesus' powers... eh? eh?


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