Premiere time! [REVISED]

Ummmm so last night was the season premiere of Parenthood? What? I know pumpkin spice lattes are already out but really? Is fall TV already here?! AH.

Here's how it's shaping up:

  • The Sing Off on ABC 7pm  ; Terra Nova on Fox 7pm 
  • Bored to Death on HBO 8pm (Oct 10)
  • The Playboy Club on ABC 9pm 
  • Glee on Fox 7pm  ; Biggest Loser on NBS 7pm  
  • Ringer on CW 8pm CW  ; New Girl on Fox 8pm 
  • Parenthood on NBC 9pm
  • Up All Night on NBC 7pm  ; H8R on CW 7pm
  • Modern Family on NBS 8pm ; America's Next Top Model All Stars on CW 8pm
  • Happy Endings on NBC 8:30 NBC
  • Real World on MTV 9pm ; American Horror Story on FX 9pm (Oct 5)
  • Community on NBC 7pm
  • Greys Anatomy on ABC 8pm ; Persons of Interest on CBS 8pm ; Project Runway on Lifetime 8pm
  • Jersey Shore on MTV 9pm
  • A Gifted Man on CBS 7pm
  • Fringe on Fox 8pm 
  • Whisker Wars on IFC 
  • Boardwalk Empire on HBO 8pm ; Dexter on Showtime 8pm (Oct 2) ; Big Rich Texas on Style 8pm 
  • Desperate Housewives on ABC 9pm 
  • How to Make it in America on HBO 9:30pm (Oct 2)
  • Pan Am on ABC 10pm 
Did I forget anything? Please, god, say no. My DVR can't handle it. And before you make suggestions, please note that I do not watch  It's Always Sunny, 30 Rock, CougarTown, The Office, Parks and Rec....

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Cara Stuckel said...

This is great but I do not know why you don't watch Modern Family. I CAN'T WAIT FOR COMMUNITY!!!!


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