Glee Premiere: More Sugar Please.

Okay, first of all - I can't wait to hear Hypable's Glee Chat podcast about the premiere. I'm biased because I  have two friends (Megan and John) on it, but whatever. They're awesome. I listened to their first podcast last week and was really impressed. It wasn't just 'yey! We love Glee!' These folks speak the truth. They aren't afraid to be critical of the show when it needs criticizing. Kudos the them.

Now, some of my on thoughts.

On Sam... and Mercedes: Whoever let Chord Overstreet get away from Glee is a dumbass. There I said it. I'm not saying you should have offered him a gazillion dollars to stay. But you should have worked harder to keep him around. The Samcedes revelation at the end of last season was the plot development I was most excited about. And to come back this season with one line about Sam and suddenly she has moved on to some other guy? Seriously? Did you see the googly eyes she made at Sam? Can't she be a little sad he is gone? And who is this new guy? I think this is a perfect example of bad management/casting, and then bad writing/plot development follwing it. What can save this story for me? If Mercedes admits she misses Sam. That she really liked him. And is sad he is gone. That she tries really hard to be the tough girl diva all the tie, but with Sam she was more her sweet Mercedes self. Now, she has a wall up again. And she wants a guy to come along and break it down again. Maybe a cute Irish exchange student? (You're welcome, Ryan. I just wrote the story for you.)

On Zizes quitting glee club (and getting less air time this year): Again, way to go you idiots. Zizes rocks.

On Quinn's new look and attitude: I love it. But judging from the previews for next week, it won't last long.

On Sue's congressional run: Umm who thinks her anti-arts stance sort of makes sense? Her rant on 'Sue C's It' is probably the most logical thing she has ever said on the show. I mean, I love the arts as much as the next gal, but putting tax money into general education instead of show choirs? That just makes sense. And benefits more students. Right?

I know what is going to happen - something crazy will happen to end her run for Congress. You know what I wish would happen? I wish she would win. Get her out of McKinley. Her character has to evolve, change, grow. How awesome would it be for glee club to meet in secret a la Footloose?!

On Santana: Sort of happy to have bad girl Santana back for a bit. I want to see her act all rough and tough but really miss glee club. She can sing 'There Are Worse Things I Could Do' a la Rizzo in Grease. And Brittany can bring her back down to earth, as usual.

On Glee Project's Lindsey: I was surprised to see her so early on. I know John mentioned in the last podcast that it would be tough for viewers to see them as characters after getting to know them on the reality show. Lucky for us, Lindsey's character wasn't too far off her real personality...

On Roxanne Sugar: Love. Love. Love. Can we have her sing more? Can we please have her in the club, Mr. Schu? I'm obsessed. Seriously. Loved her on American Dreams.

Chances are, her and her rich dad will join forces with Sue to take down glee. Predictable.

On last night's song choices: Okay, I loved Darren's number. And I was in Anything Goes in 8th grade, so yeah, that was awesome. And Hairspray is an all time fave. But anyone else surprised they didn't have one top 40 pop song in the episode? I mean.... if you didn't know/like Broadway you wouldn't have liked half the songs they sang. 

On the actual singing: I feel like the songs are getting more and more radio ready and less and less realistic sounding/looking. The Hypable crew commented on this last week (how autotuned they are) and even my Dad thought the lip syncing was terrible. Honestly, maybe that is why I loved Sugar's song so much.... because she was actually singing. 

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