Finally watched Playboy Club last night and I don't know why everyone's been hatin' - It isn't that bad. It's like the swagger of Mad Men, the music of American Dreams and the mysterious side of Pretty Little Liars got together and had a baby. How can that be bad?

And to everyone complaining about Eddie's (Nick Dalton on the show) acting.... He's just playing Don Draper. Seriously. His voice sound exactly like Jon Hamm's. It is kinda creepy actually....

Here's hoping he makes the role his own instead of just mimicking someone else. But even the other story lines are intriguing.... mob family? politics? a too old bunny who can't let go? a secret gay/lesbian club? I'm sold. 

Are you watching Playboy Club?

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edubs said...

Playboy Club was not QUITE as good as Mad Men, but let's be honest, it's like that other sibling that's just good at everything. I watched the premiere though, and I have to agree I'm definitely intrigued. This will definitely hold my attention, at least until season 5 of Mad Men comes out... in 2012! So this show has until then to get me hooked.


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