Emmy's 2011.

Sorry, I'm not going to give a full Emmy recap or anything. I actually thought it was a pretty lackluster show. Not Jane's fault, her hosting was fine. It's just that when Modern Family keeps winning.... it doesn't make for a very exciting 3 hours.

I was excited to see a few big surprises last night - Margo for Justified (she was a-mah-zing as Mags Bennett last season. Seriously.); Peter Dinklage for Game of Thrones (I don't care if his character is a 'good guy' or 'bad guy', he's my fave); Kyle Chandler finally gettin some Friday Night Lights love;  and Melissa McCarthy for Bridesmaids Mike and Molly (okay seriously. She should have thanked Kristen Wiig for casting her in Bridesmaids because no one thought she was funny before that.)

Also love love loved the Mad Men segment in Jane's opener. BRILLIANT. (I couldn't find just that clip, so just fast forward to approx 4:20)

Here's a thought (on award shows in general). Why don't they have the host do those voice overs when the winners walk up on stage? I guess I noticed it last night because the funny commentary seemed really out of place. And I always gripe that I don't understand the point of the host anyway. If they were the ones doing the voice overs, their presence would be more necessary on the show.

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