Fall Pilot Review: CBS Comedy

Sitcom descriptions never sound that appealing to me, especially when I think of what CBS will do to butcher them. However,  I think George Stults and Matthew Perry deserve to be on TV shows that don't get cancelled.
CUZ-BROS: A successful, suave ladies man’s perfect life gets turned upside down when his mess of a cousin needs a place to stay. Cast: Geoff Stults (Nick); Debra Jo Rupp (Merle); Andrea Anders (Stacey).  
THE ODD COUPLE: A half-hour multi-camera comedy pilot based on Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple. Cast: Matthew Perry (Oscar Madison); Thomas Lennon (Felix); Wendell Pierce (Teddy).  
See more at http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/04/21/complete-fall-2014-pilot-list/ 

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