UPDATED: Fall Pilot Review: NBC Comedy

UNTITLED TINA FEY/ROBERT CARLOCK: Kimmy is rescued along with four other women from 15 years of living in a cult. After a Today show interview, she decides to return to start a new, wide-eyed life in New York City. Cast: Ellie Kemper; Tituss Burgess (Titus); Sara Chase (Cyndee); Lauren Adams (Gretchen).
Ellie Kemper definitely has the "wide-eyed" thing down, but I've got to admit – this was not the premise I was expecting for her / from Tina. UPDATE Moved to Netflix for March 2015

BAD JUDGE: A hard-living, sexually unapologetic woman (Kate Walsh) partakes in an edgy life that often clashes with the fact that she happens to be a judge in the San Bernardino Criminal Court system. Cast: Tone Bell (Edward), Theodore Barnes (Robby Shoemaker), Arden Myrin (Jenny), Mather Zickel (Gary), John Ducey (Tom)
Pretty sure people are just going to watch this for the "sexually unapologetic" Kate Walsh. Also, basically Rake with a judge instead of a lawyer. See also: Backstrom on Fox.

MARRY ME: A couple gets engaged, which they quickly realize it is harder than it looks. Cast: Casey Wilson (Annie); John Gemberling (Gil); Ken Marino (Jake); Tim Meadows (Kevin #1); Tymberlee Hill (Kay); Dan Bucatinsky (Kevin #2)
CASEY WILSON! PENNY HART! But seriously – most intriging thing about this is Kevin #1 and Kevin #2.
MISSION CONTROL: A workplace comedy set at Mission Control in 1965 as a strong woman butts heads with a macho astronaut and a too-cool-for-school former test pilot in the race to land on the moon. Cast: Malcolm Barrett (Arthur); Jonathan Slavin (Kriegel); Krysten Ritter (Dr. Mary Kendrick).
This, this is so random. I love it. AND CANCELLED.
LOVE IS RELATIVE: When her newly-divorced brother moves in, a wife and her husband start to see their marriage in a whole new way. Cast: Leslie Bibb (Rose); Utkarsh Ambudkar (Deepak); Barry Rothbart (Josh); Jason Jones (Nate).
Leslie Bibb is having a moment – with appearances on The Following and About A Boy – and I totally welcome it.
OLD SOUL: A young woman (Natasha Lyonne) is trying to find herself, but in the meantime she’s working as the aide to a group of opinionated elderly people. Cast: Natasha Lyonne (Nadia); Rita Moreno (Rita); Greta Lee (Alix); Nick Thune (Charlie); Ellen Burstyn (Eileen); Fred Willard (Hector).
Uh, I'm sorry. I stopped listening because Natasha Lyonne cannot be on this and OITNB at the same time. Not possible. Cancel it.
THE PRO: Set in and around a tennis and golf club, a former doubles champion (Rob Lowe) is reunited with his ex-partner after a public feud that left them both floundering in life. Cast: Rob Lowe (Ben); Rob Riggle (Bobby Welch); Colton Dunn (Lewis Mosely); Rosa Salazar (Jamie). NBC Passed. 
Double Rob.
ONE BIG HAPPY: When gay and straight best friends decide to have a baby together, things get complicated when one of them finds the love of their life. Cast: Nick Zano (Luke); Elisha Cuthbert (Lizzy); Brandon Smith (Marcus);Rebecca Corry (Leisha).
Oh, Nick Zano.
TWO TO GO: Laura and Kurt struggle through life as the last two single people in their group of friends. Cast: Christine Woods (Laura); Echo Kellum (Nick); Dana Delorenzo (Darcy).
Doubt this will work, but I'm rooting for the Looking/Go On and Ben and Kate alums.
MR. ROBINSON: A journeyman musician gets a job as a music teacher at a middle school. While teaching the kids everything from rock to the blues, he simultaneously learns how to put the school’s rules to the test. Cast: Craig Robinson; Ben Koldyke (Jimmy)
Love Craig... but worry this will be too School of Rock.

See more at http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/04/21/complete-fall-2014-pilot-list/3/

A to Z was left out my original review because it looked predicatble and because I think it's too early for people to watch The Mother fall in love again... with not Ted (and for the record, I don't even really watch HIMYM). But it actually looks kind of cute.

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