UPDATED: Fall Pilot Review: Fox Comedy

Get ready for heavy-hitters here, people. Fox recruited quite the comedy line-up this fall – if only in talent alone. I mean, take a look at this first pilot's casting...
DEAD BOSS: Based on the British series, Dead Boss is a comedic mystery that finds overachiever Helen Stephens wrongfully convicted of murdering her boss and forced to rely on her train wreck of a sister to prove her innocence. Cast: Jane Krakowski (Helen); Amy Sedaris (Mary); Rachel Dratch (Christine). Fox passed
CABOT COLLEGE: An all-female university in rural New Hampshire opens its doors to four men for the first time. Cast: Margaret Cho (Laura); Brandon Jones (Gerland). Cancelled
Like this concept, not a big Cho fan.
FATRICK: Patrick, a 30-something moving man and former fat kid, is forced to face the damage caused by years of being Fatrick; a chubby little kid just trying to survive. Cast: Marcia Cross; Zach Cregger (Patrick); Trevor Larcom (Young Patrick). 
Fox passed
For the record, this is one of TWO series about former fat people. The other was on NBC (Ellen More or Less). I feel weird about that.
NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Revolves around a mom who has been single for two decades and traumatizes her stunted 30-something son with a little surprise — she just got married and her new husband and his three teenage children are about to move in. Cast: Jane Kaczmarek (Carol); David James Elliott (Mike); Jon Heder (Richard). 
Fox passed
SOBER COMPANION: A charming but self-destructive attorney finds his world turned upside down when a court-appointed and highly unconventional sober companion takes control of his life. Cast: Justin Long; Nick Frost (Robert); Pete Davidson (Derek)
Also, check out these "straight to series" offerings:
LAST MAN ON EARTH (straight to series): Will Forte stars as the last man on earth.
MULANEY (straight to series): Follows an aspiring comedian coming of age under the influence of his boss, his roommates, and his neighbors. Cast: John Mulaney, Martin Short (Lou); Elliott Gould (Oscar); Nasim Pedrad (Jane).
WEIRD LONERS (straight to series): The story of four relationship-phobic people who are unexpectedly thrust into each other’s lives and form an unlikely bond in a Queens, New York townhouse. Cast: Zachary Knighton (Stosh); Becki Newton (Caryn); Nate Torrence (Eric).
Not surprised that Forte's got picked up, but am a bit surprised that Mulaney would get a full season (especially with that boring/obvious pilot. Looks more like Whitney or a CBS-worthy comedy than Fox), as well as Knighton/Newton/Torrence – who seem to be sitcom kyrptonite as of late (see: Happy Endings, FlashForward, Love Bites, Goodwin Games, Super Fun Night, Hello Ladies). Also, I'd selfishly like to see Knighton stay on Parenthood since he was JUST named headmaster of Max's school and all.

See more at http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/04/21/complete-fall-2014-pilot-list/4/

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