"Conan" on til 2018

TBS Renews Conan Through 2018

Anyone else surprised by this? I used to LOVE Conan. I even stayed up late and watched it for a bit after it started on TBS. But I fell out of it. And honestly, Fallon took over. You rarely see funny Conan bits floating around Facebook the next morning. I don't even hear what guests are coming on Conan anymore. Dont' even read any news about it online or in EW or in TB Guide. I kind of forgot he even existed.

In fact, was reading in this week's TV Guide about the Emmy's and NBC's submissions – they are submitting the Tonight Show with Fallon, with Leno and Late Night with Seth Myers for Emmy consideration. Among the other contenders, TV Guide mentioned Daily Show, Colbert Report, @midnight, even Inside Amy Schumer. But even among 10 or so shows listed, Conan didn't even make the cut.

Is a renewal really the best choice for TBS? Does anyone watch Conan anymore?

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Anonymous said...

From what I've read Conan gets around 1 million viewers per episode. This is much less than when he was with NBC, but apparently it's a solid number for a cable station like TBS. I hear what you're saying though . . . once Fallon gained in popularity Conan suddently began to be perceived as "old" and antiquated. Quite a difference from the whole "Team Coco" movement a few years back. Times have changed.


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