I Feel Cheated.

I'm obviously obsessed with Game of Thrones. And I'm not going to stop watching it just because a certain someone got killed off. However, following the season finale on Sunday, I do feel a bit.... well, cheated. 

Everything I was supposed to care about and know about this season didn't really matter. Cersei and Jaime sleeping together- which got me hooked in the first episode!- hasn't been mentioned really. Drogo and Dany getting the troops together to sail across the sea. The mystery around Jon Snow's mom (why wouldn't Ned just tell him about her?!). The whole 'Let's get the Lannisters for trying to kill Bramm thing', which doesn't really matter now anyway because they have tons of reasons to be mad at those blondies now. The Mountain. The white walkers we saw in the very opening scene! Even Joffrey not being the real son of King Robert (which I'm sure didn't die with Ned. It's gotta come back, right?). 

I'm sure a lot of this will matter in the long run.... but still. Things I'm looking forward to in Season 2. (Remember, I haven't read the books...)
  • Sansa (sp?). She looked fierce when she threatened Joffrey. She was annoying all season, until that very moment. Joffrey killing her dad (hopefully) unleashed something in her. Good thing she has Cersei, the best villainous around, to learn from....
  • The Hound. Did I sense a bit of sympathy for Sansa? Is he going to turn out to be less of a scary creep and more of a nice guy to watch out for her?
  • Arya (sp?) pretending to be a boy and becoming BFF with the anvil kid... King Robert's real son, right?
  • Rob Stark as the King of the North. Probably the kiss of death for the kid.... but I'm starting to like him more and more in these last two episodes. 
  • Anything Tyrion does. He's brilliant. And now he's the hand of stupid Joffrey? YES. 
  • Dragons. What? That's sort of a unfair advantage....
  • Whatever is beyond that wall. It scares the shit out of me, but I'm done with all this mystery. When is winter actually getting here?!

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