I should really liveblog The Rivals because I sit there the whole time thinking of what I want to comment on in a blog post..... and now I forget. Here are a few thoughts on the first episode (of the greatest show in the world):

TJ! I love TJ and love that everyone was so happy he was back. I know he hasn't always hosted (remember Johnny Mosely and Dave Mirra?), but the show wouldn't be the same without him. PS: Why don't they have segments with TJ on the Reunion or Shit They Should've Shown? I bet he's got some great behind the scenes stories to tell!

Wes and Kenny. The edit of them going back and forth about how they hate each other was brilliant. Kudos to you, MTV. I know everyone else as gotten in fights and stuff, but these two's beef is real. Girl drama trumps a drunken argument any day.

You tell 'em Roy Lee. Speaking of Wes.... trying to manipulate the new kids? Nice try. Adam might have fallen for that but kudos to Leroy for telling Wes he wasn't going to trust him. Why? Because he's gonna win and won't need his vote anyway. BAM.

The Rookies win? I'll admit, I was surprised that rookies swept the first challenge, but honestly, I don't think it means anything. Leroy and Adam Mike stand a good chance, but Jasmine and Jonna? No way.

Jen + Mandi = BFF. Did you see the way Jen was helping Mandi when she got knocked over in that fight?  Maybe they got over all that beef from last season.... We. Shall. See.

Aneesa and Robin go home. Eh, is it bad that I don't really care. They are vets. I like them. But the only people I would have rather seen go home were safe. Why oh why did you have to win, Jasmine and Jonna?

Do I trust this new CT? Hell to the no.

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