Things We Learned from The Voice (from TV Guide)

TV Guide posted this... and I stole my favorites. Head over to the original article to read the full list.

  • You don't need two months of useless, over-produced and usually insulting auditions to hook viewers.
  • Bald is beautiful for men and women.
  • Social media works best online, not on TV. Sorry, Alison Haislip.
  • The Battle Round idea isn't as awesome as it sounds.
  • The Blind Audition idea is.
  • Adam Levine and Blake Shelton were the sexiest men on Tuesday TV, not Matthew Bomer.
  • Asking a cute contestant to take off his pants? Funny. Asking it twice? Creepy.
  • Only Cee Lo can get away with dressing like a cracked-out drag queen from Middle Earth.
  • Group sing-alongs don't have to be painfully cheesy.
  • Age, size, race and sexual preference don't matter.
  • Talent does.

1 comment:

muddybuddy said...

agreed! esp. about alison haislip's social media stuff. did it always seem like the tweets she read aloud were nothing spectacular? it did to me!


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