The Voice: Semifinals

Team Cee Lo: Vicci vs Nakia
I'll be honest. I like both of them, but I literally had to go to the website because I couldn't remember them. Not good. I don't really care who goes on from these two.... I had never heard Nakia's song (yep, call me Adam) and wasn't blown away, but on the other hand, I don't think Vicci did Florence + The Machine justice. The judges seemed to like it.... but eh. 

Team Adam: Javier vs. Casey
This was actually the first week that Casey impressed me. I really want to download her song... but I'm waiting for the voting to be over because I want Javier to beat her. Sorry, Case. Also sorry you had to wear cowboy boots with that pretty dress and ruin the whole look. Javier's voice is just so good. He's been a favorite from the beginning and I think will have no problem beating Casey.

Team Blake: Dia vs Xenia
I love Blake. I love Blake's team. I love that he's this giant poppa bear. I want him to bear hug me..... I digress. I love both these girls, but Dia will obviously win (and rightly so). I might actually be rooting for her to win the whole thing.... GO DIA!

Team Christina: Frenchie vs Bev
Now here's a tricky battle. I actually LOVE both of these ladies. Bev is what the show is all about. She isn't your typical music star in terms of looks... I mean, she's bald. By choice. And she's a she. But damn, can she sing. And Frenchie.... how awesome would it be for The Voice to beat American Idol in likeability, in ratings, and have one of their former (kicked off) contestants win the show? I mean... you can't write a better end to that story. I have no idea who of these tow I want to go on....

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