Battle of the Seasons Premiere

I watched the premiere in parts - the first 18 minutes online during my lunch break, and the last hour-ish at home at midnight - so forgive me if these thoughts are rather fragmented. 

These people are young. Wes and Alton are like, 'my time.' I didn't even watch St. Thomas, so I don't know they're names. 

Could they really not find another 4-person season? Mixing Nany and Dustin with Alton and Trishelle is just weird when everyone else is from the same season. Could they really not find another season with 4 people willing to compete? 

Could we have tried....
A real Las Vegas 2.0 - Heather, Leroy, Naomi, Cooke, even Mikey? They weren't available?
Hollywood - Would have been awkward since Joey just died, but Kim, Nick, Dave, Brianna, and Brittani have all been on Challenges before. 
Sydney - Cohutta, Dunbar, Isaac, KellyAnne and Shauvon have all been on Challenges. And, come on, who wouldn't love to see a Wes and KellyAnne reunion?! 
Denver - Colie, Jenn, Davis, Tyrie? I just did the casting for you. 
Key West - Possibly the best possible casting for a battle of the seasons. Take your choice between Johnny, Tyler, Svetlana, Janelle, or Paula. 
*I chose not to go back further than this simply because the next older cast not represented was Philadelphia... and CJ looked old the last time we saw him. 

Dear Sarah and Chet, your strategy is ridiculous. The strongest guy and strongest girl should immediately make an alliance to stick together. Saying that you want to make it to the end with the weaker of the two guys on your team, when you are obviously a strong girl? That's stupid. 

Relationship update
Austin - Danny and Melinda, still divorced. The betrayal of Wes and Danny is apparently water under the bridge, though. 
Cancun - Jonna and Jasmine BFF? Weren't they just on Rivals?
NOLA - Jemmye gave Knight's clothes away after her cheated on her. But these two are adorbs. And so funny. And I want them back together. 
San Diego - Zach and Ashley are done-zo (and now he's hooking up with Jonna. That's going to end badly). And apparently Frank and Zach are BFF now, too?

Wes, it was nice to have you back.... I love/hate Wes. Love him for the drama, but generally hate him as a person. This season though, he's the only guy that really knows how to give a good interview, and thus, the only funny person (so far). His statement that all the new kids will listen to him because they are 'fans'? Awesome / awful. 

Albeit, briefly. Is it okay that I'm a little disappointed Wes went home first? I mean, you couldn't have written it better - 'strongest' and most experience player gets sent home early, leaving a divorced couple as teammates - but, like I said, he's a character. It seems odd to not have him around. 

Way to underwhelm us, FreshMeat. I wanted the mystery team - no matter who they were - to come in with a sense of entitlement, a sense of power. These people were never in a house or a bus or anything - Freshmeat contestants were chosen just to compete. I don't want them losing. I don't want them to have drama. I almost wish they didn't live in the house with every one. I want them to just show up and compete. Something more like CT and Tina were in the elimination rounds a couple season's back. I want enforcers. 

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