New Fall Show Review: The New Normal

The New Normal has three things I love:

Justin Bartha. My dream dog. And (spoiler alert!) my dream puppy.

So, yes, of course I'm going to watch it every.single.week.

Besides liking the concept, it also has that quick-witted, kind of silly, Ryan Murphy humor I (used to) love about Glee. Don't talk during The New Normal, or you might miss a great line from this stellar cast.

Justin Bartha, obviously an A+. Andrew Rannells is great. The mom/daughter duo is adorable and genuine (+ the Grey Gardens impression in the second episode rocks). Ellen Barkin is actually a lot.... meaner.... than I thought. I know she was supposed to be sort of racist/close-minded. But this is serious. And kind of scary. It makes me nervous.

Also, major kudos to NeNe of Real Housewives fame who is killing it on this show and on Glee. There IS life after reality!

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