New Fall Show Review: Animal Practice

When the NBC Fall Trailers were released, I didn't even mention Animal Practice. You'd think a vet show would be an obvious choice for me, right? But there was just something about it that didn't impress me.

Then I heard it was the same monkey from the Hangover. And that it was probably going to be the one comedy that lasted of this season's crop of new shows.

So I gave it a go.

And wasn't impressed. I don't think I laughed or smiled once.

The main vet is just so snarky and rude - he isn't lovable. Even Dwight on the Office has his moments, right?  There are SO many comedies out now (Thanks, Modern Family, Glee, etc for resurrecting the sitcom), that you need to be really good to stand out.

And this? It just doesn't.

Maybe they need cuter animals.

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