New Kids on the (Glee) Block

Brody - I know another Glee hunk who made his debut singing in the shower! Hello, Finn 2.0! Brody's a tough act for me.... He comes off a little arrogant in the beginning (The 'yeah, I'm straight' comment), which is distinctly not Finn-like. But then he's all encouraging and sympathetic to Rachel... which is a little weird to me. He's a junior. Who met this freshman in the bathroom one night. And what? She's his protege or something? Why does he care? I'm a fan of his looks, and their chemistry, but not the character... yet.

Unique - I know he/she isn't technically 'new' but happy to have him be a full time member of the club, and, I'm assuming, a regular on Glee. He was my pick to win the first season of The Glee Project anyway. Now... when do we get to see Blake? And how do we get rid of Mr. Dreadlock-Dead-Eyes?

Marley (and mom) - First off - Marley is the new Rachel. She's pretty, dorky, and a helluva good singer. But what stole the show for me was that scene with the lunch lady / her mom. That.broke.my.heart. Ladies and gentleman - it's Kurt's dad + Coach Beiste combined. But is she always going to wear that hat? Because that's going to be an issue. I vote for a Sugar makeover!

Kate Hudson -She's a bitch yes, but we all know she's just doing it to make Rachel stronger. She's obviously not that bad ass considering she was so nice to that TA Benji, has a drinking problem and is eager to prove she's still got it. My question- if you were trying to hide your drinking from students, why make an elaborate blended Malibu drink in the dance room? Come on, Kate!

Jake - He's a good singer, and good looking... I just want him to be more than a furniture-throwing brute. And fast. Also, please tell me we get to have a Noah / Jake meeting?!

Kitty - Believe it or not, by far my favorite addition. TV Guide mentioned that Glee needed to show her soft side soon, or she'd become a villain like last seasons' Sebastian. I'm sorry, what's wrong with a villain? I loved Sebastian. I miss evil Terri and crazy Sue. Kitty is snarky and hilarious. Keep her!

... And where is everyone else?
The big question this season is if Glee can juggle McKinley and the rest of the graduated members sprinkled across the country. In the first episode, the back and forth between Ohio and New York worked fine. Kurt was still back at home, and his numerous and frequent (albeit phony) phone calls with Rachel kept the connection between the two cities relevant.

But what about now that he is in NYC too? And what about when we're flipping to LA or Louisville (or St. Louis) to see our other Glee alums? And what about people like Emma and Beiste that we didn't even see in the first episode?

Between that and all these new characters... I'm worried.

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